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Here's some stuff about our services

Training Classes

Puppy Class


Puppy Class - This is a 6 week course for puppies under 6 months of age. It is positive reinforcement based (ie: treats, toys, praise). This class helps to start the beginning stages of training for our pets so that we establish a good base for them at the beginning of their life.

Novice Class


This is a 6 week beginner course for our pets over 6 months of age. The class focuses on getting our dogs to pay attention to such commands as sit, down, stay, come, place, leave it, drop it, and heel, as well as correcting them for improper behavior(ie:"No", "Wrong").


CGC - Good Canine Citizen 


This is a 6 week course which is geared toward working your dog toward their ultimate success with passing AKC's CGC test. The CGC test is a 10 part test which includes 1) Accepting a friendly stranger. 2)Sitting politely for petting. 3) Appearance and grooming. 4) Out for a walk (Walking with a loose lead). 5) Walking through a crowd. 6) Sit and Down on command and staying in place. 7) Coming when called. 8) Reaction to another dog. 9) Reaction to distraction. 10) Supervised separation.


Advanced Obedience


This is a 6 week course which plays off the Novice class, helping the dogs get better with their commands. Utilizing more distractions, longer time with stays, more distance with recalls, and just overall better success with our dogs obedience. This class requires an Educator E-Collar. Price does not include collar

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