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Curious Dog

We are a premium training service aimed at getting the best results from you and your dog. We specialize in getting the results you want by setting up the dogs for success. We get this by putting them in real life situations and getting a steadfast response from your dogs through commands they understand. 


By utilizing training techniques that not only teach, but makes training fun for the dogs, this helps create their success.


Our trainers have experience in General Obedience, Behavior Modification & Consulting, Sport Dog Training, Service Work, Therapy Work, Tracking & Detection, and Protection 

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About Us

Meet the Owner

Matt got his start when he was just a child. He knew his whole life that he wanted to work with animals. He found his love for training dogs in his early years and fell in love with all the aspects of training dogs. From behavior modification to working dogs. He implements a training structure that dogs understand. Whether we are working with general obedience for the family pet or working dogs, he helps make sure the owner has the proper tools for their dogs success.

"Dogs are only as good as the information we give them

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