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Our Philosophy

Through years of dog training, and continued educations, this is how we get our results.... and our name!

Serving All of Northern VA

Here at Steadfast K9 we believe in being clear with what we want from our dogs and giving them a strong foundation. There's a reason that athletes practice before the game. They are trying to build that muscle and exhibit strong muscle memory. That's what dog training, building that muscle. This is how we get Steadfast results. There is a reason the police, military, and other organizations continuously work/train their dogs regularly.  They want to continue to strengthen, and maintain,  that muscle. They want to keep them motivated and their minds strong. We find out what motivates your dog, so they we can get a strong "Yes" from them (The desired behavior). Maybe its a toy, food, high praise, or just a gentle pet. But this is what are dogs need from us in order to learn. It is important for dogs to be motivated to do the things we ask of them. This is how we get steadfast results. Having that motivation is also how we get a strong bond and help to prevent potential future poor behavior. I'm sure that is why your are here now. So whether you are looking to get your dog in some competitive sports, behavior modification, or just some good old fashion general obedience dog training, we can help!

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