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Let us help you find the best option to help you and your fur friend. All of our training options are tailor made toward your specific dog and the challenges they face. 

Serving All of Northern VA


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Bulldog/In-Hom Private Session
Bulldog & Doberman/In Office Private

Private Session

Obedience & Behavior Modification


 Private sessions are the best way to strengthen the relationship between you and your pet. Helping solve problem behaviors or enhance better commands from our pet is the goal of every pet owner. Our dog training programs are not cookie cutter programs. All programs are tailormade to your wants and needs of your pet while never cutting corners to instill steadfast results. We live by our name.


Make your dog a Steadfast K9 today! 


We offer these in individual sessions or:

4 Sessions

6 Sessions 

8 Sessions

10 Sessions

(Steadfast K9 provides all training equipment)

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Service Dog Training


Service dogs play a vital role in the lives of the people they help. Steadfast K9 is dedicated to helping the people that require such a special animal with weekly training sessions. From puppy to Service Dog Certified graduation, we help in the puppy picking process, and the extensive training there after, to help the pup turn in to the well mannered support that one needs. 


Already have a pup that you believe can be your Service Dog? We also provide a full evaluation of your pup and interview to see how we can help you and your pup to achieve the goal of Service Dog. 

Call/Email today for a free consultation and ask about this service

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